I’ve quickly realized that when living in Portland, the rain doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything! My guess is if it did, no one would get anything done. With that thought I didn’t let the rainfall deter me from my walk today.

Today Chris and I walked across our very first bridge since moving here! It was the Morrison bridge and was just a little sketchy. There wasn’t a gate blocking the pedestrians from the cars, and also there was a shanty town that we needed to go through. After living in San Francisco though, this tent city seemed downright glamorous. One of the tents even had a chimney!

Walking across the bridge in the rain was really cool. The fog was thick in the trees, which are still very colorful, and you could see it rolling through the hills. The Morrison bridge was built in 1958, but they recently completed construction to make it so that pedestrians could cross it and not feel like they were going to die. Although at one point the bridge was very shaky and bouncy, which I was not a big fan of, so I still kind of felt like I was gonna die!

I love how quickly we can get into downtown here! We live in a relatively quiet area, but it’s only about a 30 minute walk to get across one of the bridges and be in the downtown area. Right now we tend to stick to our neighborhood because we love it so much, but I had a specific goal in mind!

Today’s destination was the world smallest park! At 24 inches in diameter and consisting of just 452.16 square inches of land, the park was originally a utility pole hole. A journalist by the name of Dick Fagen used his imagination and now Portland is the proud owner of the world’s smallest park! Named Mill Ends,weddings and other celebrtions have taken place there, and it was officially made a park of the city of Portland in 1976. It’s really tiny and in the median of a busy road by the river.

While finishing up our walk, Chris and I found a $20 bill on the ground!! We’re literally being rewarded for my walks! We had just been talking about how neither of us brought our wallets, so we couldn’t reward ourselves with a beer and then fate gave us a beer! Shortly after our luck it began to pour…you win some, you lose some. When we got home we were soggy, tired, and $20 bucks richer.


view from the Morrison bridge