Today’s walk was split up a bit. Technically, it was more like 20min increments in the city.

The first bit was to the Improv class I’ve been taking. I have always loved Improv and I figured what better way to put myself out there, make friends (I’m not desperate at all to make friends…NOT AT ALL), and reignite an old passion of mine than to join the neighborhood improv. It’s been really fun and I always look forward to it!

The next bit of walking was through Lone Fir Cemetery again. You’ll quickly come to realize that I love that place and go anytime I can. Today it was especially interesting because it was full of at least 1000 crows, and that is not an exaggeration! They literally covered an entire field. Chris & I couldn’t believe what we were seeing and briefly questioned if we had unknowingly entered a Hitchcock film. We looked it up and it turns out that it is a common habit of the American Crow to gather by the thousands in the Winter to roost. They’re not sure exactly why they do this, but do have a few theories. The leading ones are protection from predators, socializing about foraging areas, and just the fact that they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years as they fly South. It was quite the sight and extremely comical to watch about 30 crows trying to balance on the limbs of a very small tree.

The last part of my walk was to sushi and back. TREAT YOSELF. We discovered a very delicious sushi place near us and decided to try it out. They had one of the best rolls I’ve ever had! My sister and brother-in-law are obsessed with sushi and can eat more than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s a real sight to see and I can’t wait to bring them to this place!

Chris and I walked home a little wine tipsy, and marveled at how we could see the stars, something lost in the city of San Francisco. We also creeped each other out when walking by the cemetery in the pitch black. I was a maybe little more spooked that he was. Thinking it hilarious, and it was, we marched synchronized for the last 10 blocks home, and if that’s not a great time in the city - I don’t know what is!


It was hard to capture just how many crows where there. This isn’t even half.