Over the last few days it has gotten very cold. The wind is very bitter, but it is giving me that Beyonce hair blowing in the wind look, so I’ll take it. Or maybe I just look like a cold girl who forgot a hair tie at home,but I’m going to pretend it’s the former. The weather plus the fact that I was on my own for today’s walk led to old fashion game of kick the rock. Does anyone else still play that?

While kicking my rock I realized that one of the worst parts of these walks are wedgies. One can’t really pick them on a busy sidewalk. I wonder how many wedgies per hour most people get? I have no idea but I’m glad my walks have given me time to ponder the really important stuff.

Today I’m heading to my local library. That’s one of the things I miss most about San Francisco. They have an amazing library and I was about a 15min walk from it. It was actually voted the best in the country! My new library isn’t bad, I just miss the huge SF one. One weird thing is I registered online and they didn’t let me pick my own screen name and instead assigned me one. From here on out I’d like to be called “pink_wolf”. Not even joking…that is the screen name I got!! What the heck is that?

On my way to the library I couldn’t help but think that not only are libraries good for books, but they will literally never die because of printers. I don’t know how many times I’ve specifically gone to a library just to print something. That was my main goal today, but I got all the way there only to realize that I didn’t have the 10cents needed to print my paper. picture me with a real sad face but too awkward to ask someone for a dime here.

At least I got to explore our new neighborhood some more. We live in the neighborhood of Belmont, and it’s really awesome. Full of breweries, yummy food, and old movie theaters, it’s right up mine & Chris’s alley.

I decided to go a different way home, and explore the zig zags of the neighborhood. I walked up what could have been weird alley way or a driveway. I didn’t know but I took my chances and luckily it was a weird alley. It led me to the other side of our street which we’ve never really explored because it’s cut in half by the cemetery. I even got to walk through the cemetery and by my crows (they’re my pets now).

Not only am I addicted to the cemetery but I’m hoping that visiting it so often will up my chances of seeing a ghost. Honestly, I want Chris to see one because it would really shake up his whole scientific world. I think getting Chris to see a ghost would be the ultimate troll. Again, really glad I have these walks to think about the deep stuff.

I got home just as the sun was setting and it was beautiful. I ended my walk with four books, a numb nose, and a wedgie.