It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because it has been freezing! Today the sun was shining brightly and led us into the false security that it would be warm, it however was a whopping 34 degrees. But I decided that I couldn’t leave all 3 of my readers to languish without me anymore, so here I am freezing my ass off and walking to Laurelhurst Park! Having been around since the early 1900’s, it was once named the West Coast’s most beautiful park, and was also the first park ever to be added to the National Registry of Historic Places. Needless to say, Chris and I are lucky to live within walking distance.

As we were walking and trying to convince ourselves that our faces weren’t going numb from the wind, we started to talk about cars passing by pedestrians. One only has a split second to really take in the other person and then most likely one will never see them again. It’s a strange thought that we pass by so many individuals going about their lives. I can’t help but always ponder “are they happy? Sad? Stressed? Did they see me pick my wedgie?”

On another note of strangers doing weird things, sometimes I really love to dramatically yell when Chris and I are out in public to embarrass him. One of my tops goals in life is to make Chris laugh and to troll him. This is one of my favorite ways to do it. Today I decided to yell “WE MADE IT!” while fake sobbing after we entered the park. I wonder if the people passing by us when I was yelling pondered “are they happy? Sad? Stressed? Did she really just pick a wedgie in public?!”

At the park there was a playground with seesaws and I gotta say it brought back some memories. Being a big girl and thinking of playing on those things definitely brings up some trauma. I can’t recall a bigger sense of dread than a skinny girl wanting to seesaw while everyone watches. I quickly walked by my past torture device before tiny little Chris even THOUGHT about asking.

The park and the walk were cold but it was also amazing to get out into what little sunshine we were granted. We stood for a solid five minutes basking in the sun. Here in Portland everyone’s always searching for that D…. that vitamin D.

PS) If any three of you are curious about the music I listen to while writing, it’s John Steven Morgan. Chris and I once heard him playing the piano at Golden Gate Park and something about his music spoke to me. I can’t even describe it. From that moment on, I became obsessed with his album ‘Solo Piano Works’, and always play it when writing. It’s also great for sleeping on planes!


even the graffiti in Portland is kind