When the sun is out in June in San Francisco it is quite the anomaly. This soon becomes apparent by the fact that people dare to risk going out without a long sleeve, which is something you never do in this city. On my walk today people were smiling and the homeless were sunning themselves. It was the perfect day for a stroll! I decided to conquer some of the famous hills, which I’ve done plenty of times, but never this weak. Nothing will push you up a hill faster than seeing a 65 year old Asian woman lapping you and knowing she probably does it at least 5 times a day.

Huffing and puffing my way up a few steep hills (seriously I could have knocked over that third little pig’s brick house) I found myself walking down the ghost town that is the business district on the weekend. It has always fascinated me that such a bustling part of the city can be so sleepy during the weekend. I walked by a closed meatball restaurant (awesome) and I swear that I smelled meatballs. It really is a ghost town!

The goal of this walk was to find an antique store that sold wedding bands. I’m a bit obsessed with history, and the thought of owning a vintage band is one I haven’t been able to shake. My quest for the perfect ring sent me down through Chinatown and straight into a wind tunnel. Let me tell you…wind tunnels are real and they are cold and they really fuck with your hair. After battling my way through the tunnel and a group of tourists, I found myself strolling by my old office. I really believe that it was because of that office that San Francisco became home. It was nice to walk by and feel nothing but a smile.

After the second location failed to have antique wedding bands, I ended up turning around and walking all the way back to the other side of the city. Good thing I have an hour to kill! Cranking up Beyonce in my earbuds, I began to sashay my way to the next antique store. I’ve got big hips that swing anyways, but when BeyBey is blaring in my ears I could straight knock someone across the road with how much these things move. Luckily it’s Pride weekend so I wasn’t the only one making the sidewalk my personal catwalk. The whole city was feeling fabulous! I absolutely adore Pride weekend. Everything has a jubilant feeling to it and is covered in rainbows, and I mean everything. I even saw rainbow vomit. I mean it was still vomit and gross, but it was strangely perfect. Walking around I couldn’t help but feel such pride for this city and its open arms policy. Rainbow vomit and all.

I ended my walk finding the perfect wedding band and with another green tea. Starbucks is bound to make a lot of money from me with this challenge. I always wonder if the Starbucks people are tempted to spit in my drink when I order a medium instead of whatever it is they call it….I never remember. This is why I just say medium. Oh! I also discovered the San Francisco Church of Scientology and it made me feel weird.