My first walk was back from my therapist’s office, right down Geary St. It’s actually an hour and 10 minutes (always the overachiever), and I felt every bit of it! I’m coming off a week of panic attacks and it did frustrate me being so weak. A walk like that is normally nothing to me, but after a few days of no eating, my body was screaming “R U FOR REAL RIGHT NOW.” Ignoring the temptation to give up, I finished my journey and couldn’t have been prouder to see Leavenworth St! It felt great to push myself through this mental weakness that has taken over. Although,I can say that panic attacks have been the best thing for my #weddingdiet.

Barring the distance, the first challenge of my walk (and I assume it will continue to be a challenge) is all the fast food places I walked by. I’ve always been a gambler and what better gamble to take than stuffing delicious/shitty food in your body?! Turning up my nose as if I was the Grand Duchess of San Francisco, I pretended like I was too good for fast food and scurried by. I did stop and indulge in a fruit cup or would have if I didn’t drop the entire thing in front of an autobody shop full of laughing middle aged men. After gathering my dignity and leaving the fruit, I continued on my walk.

I quickly realized that I needed something to energize me for the next 45 mins. Naturally, I chose Disney songs. You try not dancing down the street when ‘Mary Poppins’ & ‘The Lion King’ are blasting in your ears! I couldn’t help but smile when I heard “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” and apparently, it was infectious! Someone soon asked me at a stop light what had me grooving and when I answered honestly, it began a very passionate debate about how underrated certain Disney songs are. We high-fived and basically danced away as the light changed. I had no doubt that he had just turned on that song in his earbuds. It was, dare I say it….magical?

After passing about 5 antique stores, including Office Max, I began to grow tired and bored right around the 45min mark. It was then that I saw a Mom pulling a wagon of groceries, carrying a baby on her back, and running up hill. It was amazing, and it got me to thinking….humans,and women in particular,are amazing beings. Even when we think we can’t, we do. It’s a very humbling realization. That thought and the promise of an iced green tea from Starbucks pushed me through the last of my walk. I ended day 1 with a smile and an appreciation for that foggy sunshine that is San Francisco.