I’m not gonna lie y’all, today my calves are killing me and all I wanted to do was step inside our favorite neighborhood restaurant and eat a rotisserie chicken. Walking past a place that is cooking rotisserie chickens when on a diet is the worst form of torture. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Today I decided to walk to my therapist’s office and take a completely different route! It’s quite the hike and if there’s anything I’ve learned by day 4, it’s that proper shoe wear is essential. I no longer care about looking cute, I just want to be comfortable. Carrie Bradshaw would be so ashamed of me.

My walk was around 5pm today, right when people are getting out of work. It’s one of my favorite times of day to walk around because there is nothing more I love to see than people taking their dogs out for the first time since the morning. The dogs are always so excited and full of energy! Unfortunately, walking at that time also meant that more people were on the streets aka weird looks to the lady constantly talking into her phone.

I’ve been trying to make each walk unique and so for this one I decided to not wear earbuds and just listen to the sounds of the city. It’s easy to want to ignore the world because most of the time it’s bad, especially in San Francisco where homelessness is such a problem. However, when you do allow for the bad to come in… you also open up for the good to come in. I could hear leaves blowing, children laughing, birds singing, the faint tunes of music from the cars; the city LIVING. All that good far outweighed the bad. The best thing was hearing the yells of four men pushing a jeep through a very busy intersection! TEAMWORK!

Continuing on my “silent” walk, I was transfixed by the Victorian and Edwardian houses of San Francisco. They are simply to die for and I am always in awe when walking by them. I love trying to imagine even a scrap of the history. Families welcoming suitors coming to court, tea in the parlors, surviving the earthquakes, the depression, etc. They are living art. The hidden (and not so hidden) history of this city is my favorite part. For example, did you guys know that San Francisco used to be the boxing capital of the US?! Me neither! Thanks random plaque!!

Near the end of my walk, I’m pretty sure that I walked by a doctor carrying organs! The verdict is still out if they actually were organs, but I like to believe. It was also right around this time that I realized one of my own bra clad organs was showing, as my purse strap had pulled down my tank top. An hour in the city certainly gets spiced up when my clothes start falling off. You’re welcome everyone who got a show!