Today my walk and my body was very low energy. One would be surprised how much anxiety can wear a body out, not to mention a night of tossing and turning. I found myself lost in my thoughts and not paying attention to the city around me.

At first this frustrated me because that’s the whole point of this exercise, observe and participate with the city as I walk around! I then realized that I was wrong, the whole point of this is to reflect & better myself, and if I need an hour of just thinking then that’s okay. Sometimes we just don’t have things to say. Quiet can be peaceful, it doesn’t have to be awkward.

So in lieu of a long blog, please enjoy these photos I took of my favorite spots around our neighborhood & snippets of conversation I overheard when I wasn’t lost in the batcave of my brain.

“I went to church yesterday and it did nothing.”

“If I wanted y’all, you would have me.”

“Mommy, do you think birds wonder why we can’t fly?”

Father: “That’s somebody’s house.” Son: “Well it looks like a jail.”

“This is Taco, he peed on my bed today.”

“Hi! Just got your text, I prefer phone calls.” (Guess this persons age)

I love finding these little pieces of art on the sidewalk.

This is the rotisserie chicken place I was talking about yesterday. It’s not uncommon for us to stop and eat here after having just gone grocery shopping.

I like to reward myself for grocery shopping.

My fav thrift store has Mermaid dresses in the display.

Our favorite bar! It’s one block down and has a pool table. We have a pretty fierce rivalry!

The Sales Force tower is finally tall enough to peak over the hill.

Up the hill to home! They’ve been doing construction lately and every morning we’re awoken to the lovely sounds of a jackhammer.