My walk today was to a dinner party that my friend was hosting, so the promise of delicious food definitely put some pep in my step. Mark, the host, is known for his homemade bread. It’s amazing! I love bread so much! I know I’m going off topic here, but the only way you can convince me there’s a God is with warm, fresh from the oven bread. Mark did not disappoint today either! Don’t even get my started on the donuts….I should have walked home instead of there so I could climb some hills and burn off all these carbs.

It’s starting to get colder and colder here. I didn’t wear enough layers today, a San Francisco rookie mistake. It’s not often that you find yourself wishing to walk uphill, that is until you’re freezing and would actually like to sweat a little. (Side note: Chris and I were cursing my wish for hills after we walked up about 5 steep ones in a row). It’s a double edged sword however, because soon the freezing wind is drying your sweat and you’re back to square one. Except now you’re cold and wet.

Needless to say, it takes some getting used to the weather here. I’ve lived in this city for two years now and I still never know what to wear for the micro-climates. I thought my ears were going to fall off on it, but Chris & I discovered the coolest walkway/bridge. It went up over the highway and gave us wonderful views of the fog rolling in.

Speaking of my walking buddy, one disappointing aspect of my walks so far is that the one time Chris attended is the only time I haven’t been catcalled. I don’t know if men think it’s complimentary to yell things at women, but it’s not. It just makes me (and most women I know) uncomfortable.

Forty minutes into our walk, we entered what could be described as “not the best neighborhood”, and at first I felt myself become uncomfortable. It got me thinking though, it can be easy to want to avoid the seedier neighborhoods but I’ve found that when I walk through them, they’re actually the neighborhoods with the most culture, art, and people laughing. I soon found myself just caught up in the jovial vibe that is 6pm in the summer (even a cold one).

We passed this weird peace sign house after about 15mins and knew we were getting back into the money side of town. The appearance of Alamo Square aka the Full House park, confirmed it. Fun fact, it’s not actually one of the Painted Ladies, the real Full House Victorian is a block down.

Once we got to the dinner party, my friend Mark surprised everyone and informed us he was moving to Chicago on Saturday! It was an unique way to get all his goodbyes done in one fell swoop. BYE MARK!!! I’ll miss you and your bread, but mostly you. ;)

Ear Pain Bridge.

peace house.png
The big tree in front was covered in homemade wind chimes.

Chris having copious amounts of homemade bread and red wine.