As I’ve mentioned on here a few times, I’ve recently been struggling with panic attacks. If you’ve never had one, it’s basically your brain convincing your body that you are dying. No amount of logic or reasoning can convince it otherwise. Many people (myself included) end up in the ER sure that their time on Earth is coming to an end. It’s not fun and the only thing to really help is therapy and time. Pro tip for anyone else struggling; yoga helps tremendously.

Anyways, this new addition to my life caused me to become violently ill for the week of my birthday, which was a bummer because I really wanted to attend a Victorian tea party, wearing my Victorian brooch! I mean who doesn’t?!

On the last day of my birthday month, my wish was granted!

One of the best parts about my walks is the constant history I’m exposed to without even trying. I’m a lover of history, so I’m always looking for activities that harken back to the 1800’s. Queue the Crown & Crumpet! A lovely tea shop in Japantown, they recreate a Victorian Era tea party (named so for Queen Victoria of Britian who reigned from 1837-1901). It was so lovely & perfect! Chris & I gorged ourselves on two different exotic teas and many treats. My favorite were the cucumber sandwiches.

The walk there couldn’t have been better!Japantown is an often ignored area of San Francisco. It can easily be overlooked for the larger and more central Chinatown, even by the locals. Chris & I most likely only discovered it because it’s within walking distance from our apartment. It’s a shame, because it is such an amazing cultural center. Full of tea shops, book stores, sushi, monuments, and karaoke bars, I also love that the street signs are in both English and Japanese. After our tea, Chris & I just wandered around the square and took in the views.

Today was perfect! Happy Friday everyone! Every day I feel a little bit more like myself, and that’s the best birthday gift. My tea party wasn’t bad either!

tea time.png
We’re going to a tea party.

JP Town.png
A taste of Japantown.