Chris & I had to walk to Target today because allegedly I dumped water on our router and ruined it. I blame the pillow but my betrothed blames me! Can you believe that….?! ;)

We also went and picked up Chris’ suit for the wedding. He looks so dapper and handsome! With the wedding only two months away, I find myself thinking about it on my walks a lot. I am so excited to begin my life with Chris, which seems strange seeing how we’ve been together for 6 years already! I’d say we’ve already begun our lives, but this feels different. Being ill these last few weeks has really reminded me just how lucky I am to have him. Plus, he builds my websites for me…who could want more?!

All the places we needed to get to were on the other side of Market St. Walking to and from Market street always poses the question of which you want to deal with more: tourists or the Tenderloin? Either way you’re gonna have to fight your way through a crowd that you don’t want to.

We chose to deal with Tenderloin on the way there and tourists on the way back. I think I prefer the Loin! Note to tourists visiting a city….please don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk! There is nothing more annoying and there is no better way to scream that you are just visiting. Locals got shit to do — step to the side.(end rant)

Walking through Union Square, which is the shopping center that borders the Tenderloin, is such a strange combinations of smells. It really is a blending of the rich and the poor. You have the smell of department stores and perfume intermingling with the smell of piss and the occasional hot dog cart. I find it fascinating and depressing how San Francisco attempts to gild over its rampant homeless problem.

Wrapping up my blog early today because I am heading to my friend Ben’s Britney Spears themed birthday party!! It’s giving me the opportunity to do one of my favorite things; dress Chris in drag!!