I found myself dreading the fourth because of certain events but it ended up being a wonderful day! Chris & I tried to make our walk as American as possible! We grabbed corn on the cob to cook on the grill, put on our red, white, & blue, and headed into the city! We went to a BBQ and did everything a good American does on the Fourth; drank beer, ate hamburgers, and laughed with our friends.

My friend just moved to an amazing apartment right on Haight & Ashbury! It’s a dream San Francisco apartment and I’m both happy for her and bitter over how nice a place it is. I will say that the only reason I’m glad I don’t live there is the proximity of the apartment to a Ben & Jerry’s. That would become my second home!

The walk was mostly foggy and cold because that’s the Haight. The fireplace in the apartment (I told you, it’s literally perfect) was a wonderful way to warm up. Where else does one need a fireplace on the Fourth of July?!

Today’s walk felt a bit healing. These aren’t the easiest times in America, but we can change it. That’s the beauty of this country. We just can’t give up. That thought inspired me on a day that I didn’t feel like walking. Imagine if our forefathers had just given up way back in 1776. It’s nice to know that I can still be inspired by this country.

Chris & I also overheard the funniest line EVER.

Woman: “The city is bountiful and will provide.”
Woman’s friend: “What does that mean?”

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!! I hope you feel inspired today!