I started my new job today, so I used the walk there and back as a divided hour in the city! I am so lucky to be able to walk to work. It’s a wonderful way to start the morning! The city is so bustling at 9am that it’s impossible not to be energized by it.

I love the feeling of commuting to work with everyone. Granted it clogs up transportation and can be very annoying at rush hour, but it’s while walking into work that I feel closest to the community and the people of the city. It can be difficult to build a sense of closeness with strangers in a big city. That’s why I love events like PRIDE and Bay to Breakers, they foster a sense of togetherness. I get that exact feeling when walking into work (minus being drunk).

I like to call walking into work “riding the caterpillar”, because it’s very often that you find yourself in a line of people walking down the street. Sometimes this can be maddening when the leader is slow. It can even be frantic when you’re trying to quickly pass that slow leader before having a head on collision with a caterpillar going the opposite direction. Most of the time though, it’s just an enjoyable way to start your day!

Walking home from work, on the other hand, feels much more chaotic. I get the sense that everyone is so ready to get home, they don’t have time for you or the city’s shit. I get can behind that; going home and taking off my bra is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.

I love my new job and I love my new walk! Chris and I can walk together, which is always a plus. I get to walk by Union Square and see Alma Spreckles everyday & I walk by the cutest boutiques and stores. The urge to shop is strong in this one, so that could eventually become a terrible temptation, but for now I’m content to window shop and stroll on by!