I decided to use my lunch break and explore the new area I’m going to be spending 8 hours a day in. The sun was out and the breeze was brisk, perfect for a long stroll!

I’m sure my new coworkers think I’m anti-social AF, eating lunch alone on my second day, but I’ve got a blog to write! No time for socializing. Okay, there’s always time for socializing, but I really didn’t want to walk around after work because bebe is tired. It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts to a new habit (mine was sleeping in until 10 everyday and I miss it).

Getting up early is really messing with my brain right now. Of course not sleeping well because of my anxiety doesn’t help, but whatcha gonna do? Chris struggles with insomnia 24/7, so I think I can deal with the random bouts I get.

I knew this before walking around for an hour, but lunch time in the city is so busy. Everyone seems to take lunch right at noon here so restaurants and food trucks always have a line. The crosswalks are full and there’s a mass of people waiting to cross. It’s definitely not the leisurely strolls I’m used to.

Occasionally, you’ll see the brave (or stupid) soul who dares to jaywalk and mess up traffic. I bet the cars here hate us pedestrians. I would if I had to drive here! I see people all the time with their face in their phones almost get hit. This city feels like ‘The Simpsons Hit & Run’ sometimes. Side note: one of my biggest regrets from childhood is not beating that game.

I found a fried chicken sandwich place today, my weakness. It beckoned me like the promise land, but that #weddingdiet must persist. I also saw a homeless man in a full rabbit outfit. He even had the big rabbit feet on! It was weird.

Today kinda sucked, but these walks really do help me feel better. I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through! Like a poster on a wall once said, “hang in there, kitty Kayla”