I feel great today! It seems a small thing but when feeling normal has been ripped from you, every day that you wake up with a smile is not to be taken for granted. The sun was shining and I had a destination in mind for my walk; the San Francisco Wave Organ.

Built in 1986, it too is built from monuments and tombstones from the old Laurel Hill Cemetery. It’s really cool to sit quietly and listen to way music is played through the pipes. The waves splash them and they each make a unique sound. There are several different pipes set up all along this outcropping into the ocean. I mean how cool and creepy can a place get?! One can see massive marble slabs of what probably used to be a very expensive final resting place, used in all the architecture of the Wave Organ. It’s also pretty hidden, so not normally crowded. I firmly recommend!

The final destination of our walk was amazing, but the walk itself was just as great! It could be my favorite walk I’ve gone on, barring almost tripping from having my phone in my face. (embarrassing)

At the beginning of our walk, Chris & I saw a crew of what we thought could only be pimps, driving by in elaborate low riders. One was decked out in the Mother Mary, another had comically tiny tires, and one was just missing a hood all together! After exclaiming over them (it was impossible not to) an older gentleman informed us that there was a car show at Fort Mason, right where we happened to be headed! This meant that our entire walk was filled with funky cars showing off their owner’s passions. It was really incredible.

We also stopped at a Starbucks (told y’all that they’re making a killing of me with these walks) and there was an older gentleman just hanging out with a long, bright blue wig on. It made me wish I had worn my bright pink wig and reminded me how much I love this city. It and its people are so unique.

The walk led us in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge, and there is nothing more I love about this city than that red beauty. Often times it’s overcome with fog, but it is always a beacon against the horizon. The thought of one day leaving this city and not having constant access to a red bridge and strangers with blue wigs, kills me! That’s the wonderful thing about these walks; they allow me to not take for granted the opportunities we all have living here. One day I will move away, and I’m happy to know that I won’t look back with the regret of having not explored.

The weather was beautiful and my spirits were high; along with almost everyone else we saw out today! I love Saturdays!

PS) Cars that block crosswalks should be burned!

wave organ.png
Listening to the waves

monument bench.png
Tombstone bench

wave runner.png

red beauty.png
Karl taking over half GGB

rock lobster.png
Stone cold chillin