This morning Chris & I had brunch with our lovely friends, Alex and Amy! They are getting married this month (EEEEEEKKKK) and it’s really fun to have friends to talk wedding with. Amy is vegan, so we always discover the most amazing restaurants with them, this morning was no different!

After stopping at a book store for a peek at the history books (something I can never resist), Chris & I decided to take the long way home and walk to Lombard St. Built in 1922, it is considered “the most crooked street in the world.” It’s mostly famous for a steep,one block section with eight hairpin turns. This led to some of the steepest hills I’ve climbed since living here, which is saying a lot, but considering I had McDonald’s yesterday it was probably for the best.

On our way there we saw a walk for breast cancer in progress. I loved seeing all the pink and boobies! There was a comically decorated van following the ladies and blasting Queen. It was awesome to see all these kick ass women walking while hearing “We Are the Champions”.

We also walked by a really sad middle school made entirely of concrete. What the heck happened to grass? It was right around this point that a SUV decided to take a hard turn and obnoxiously gun it. One of my favorite things to do is yell, “WHAT A COOL GUY!”, when a car is a dick. Troll for life.

Finally our luck and our flat ground ran out and it was time to start climbing. I noticed there was no one else on these hills and that’s because tourists drive and locals know better….unless you’re writing a blog about walking that is.

It was hilarious watching the long line of cars going up the very very steep hill to Lombard St. Many are clearly terrified and one will hear a tire squeal just about every 30 seconds. Unlike the Wave Organ, the crooked Lombard St., is definitely a place the tourists go.

Chris & I had never walked down the ’S’ before and while it was crowded, it was also pretty cool. They may be tough to climb, but the hills never fail to deliver on a stunning view. We could also hear and see the Coit Tower parrots flying around. My friend Ben taught me to spot them from the unique sounds they make.

After hiking up several more hills, Chris & I finally made it home and decided to stop for some coffee. We walked in and the whole store was dancing! What else could we do but join in?! Turns out it was the barista’s birthday. After giving him a shimmy, we got our drinks and danced our way out.

Happy Sunday, everyone! May your day somehow end up a dance party!!

Looks deep but mostly just trying to catch my breath.png
Deep in thought or out of breath?

Tourist Herd.png
Tourist Herd.

House on Lombard St.png
My favorite house on Lombard St.

Found him.png
Found him.