One of the best things about walking the city is the fashion one sees. Today I saw a man in a full suit, watch fob and cane included, smoking a cigar. I had to blink twice and make sure I hadn’t time warped. He looked so classy! I’ve put together full outfits from what I’ve seen people wearing around the city. It’s a constant fashion plate!

Another great thing about these walks is I’ve hit my step goal every day! My fitbit is working overtime. One less great thing is sharing the sidewalks. I never said I wasn’t selfish! Although, I think it’s selfish to take up the entire sidewak because you want to walk with your group…and slowly! Any other time of day, whateva, but c’mon at 5:30?! I have a bra to take off! Let my boobies people go!

After I got home, Chris & I continued my walk and had dinner with Jaclyn & Morgan (or as I like to call them Jacamo) at their apartment. It was lovely per usual! Both of them are amazing cooks, so it’s always delicious. They live up some pretty steep hills & are lucky I love them or I might never visit!

We always talk about how lucky we are to live a few blocks away from each other at this time in our lives! Who knows if there will ever be the chance again? I can’t wait to tell my children about all the adventures me and their Aunt Fat Jac had living in the city as young women.

Just the other day Chris and I were sitting in our living room and could hear this really shrill whistle over and over again. Turns out it was Jacamo on their way to dinner and just wanted to say hi! It’s things like a random hello that remind me to appreciate this time.

Dinner and the company were grand! We had nothing to drink and talked about how much we love routine. Is this what getting old feels like….?

On the walk home, I wanted to take the short, easy way (again; getting old) but Chris pushed me (literally) up the hill and we were rewarded with the ever present lovely views. The wind was brisk and I was out of breath, but Grace Cathedral was lit up against the sky and looked beautiful.

My walk and our sibling dinner was the perfect end to a Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.59.32 PM.png
A picture Jaclyn snapped of me while yelling out my window at them when they stopped to say hello!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.59.51 PM.png
Grace Cathedral lit up against the night sky