Today I got lunch with a friend who recently moved and as we were walking, we saw a naked homeless man sunning himself. Greg’s first words were “AND I’M BACK.” This got us to talking and thinking about how most people leave the city after living here for 2-3 years. We believe it’s because it is easy to ignore the issues of the city at first, but after awhile it really starts to wear on you. Rent here is ridiculously expensive and I don’t even have a yard or dishwasher!

That being said the good is SO good, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the bad. With these walks, I’ve rediscovered what it is I love about San Francisco.

The endless hills, Karl the fog, the views, the Golden Gate Bridge (my favorite part of the city), the weird history….I could go on forever. There’s so much to love and I consider myself so lucky for being granted the opportunity to live here.I can walk to places that are on other people’s bucket list and that’s pretty damn cool.

Walking to and from work is also just the best thing. Chris was teasing me this morning because I had my banana and my backpack for my walk. All the tools necessary for a successful stroll. I also often get to to meet my friend Ben and walk home from work with him because of the proximity of our offices. It’s such a small world in a big city and I think that’s just fantastic!

It’s a weird gilded city, but it’s my gilded city.