I was running late today so my walk was set to a brisker pace than usual. Practically running past all the tourists, I couldn’t help but wish I too was on vacation! That’s one downside to living in a destination city. I was also in such a rush that I forgot my engagement ring! I realized it one block away. It’s weird how quickly one gets used to that weight on your finger.

I almost tripped over the cutest puppy today! It was a close and adorable call. There are no leash laws here and I’m always impressed with how trainable dogs are. Some owners just call out “left” or “right”,and the dog responds accordingly. I don’t like to think about how often I mix up my left & right, especially not when I see dogs do it effortlessly. Hint: I do mix them up a lot.

After being crop dusted on the sidewalk, which is just bad manners, I found another small statue of Alma Spreckles! I love that she’s sprinkled all throughout the city.

Today was a great day. The sun was shining and the music pumping. One of mine and Chris’ favorite bands is touring our favorite album, so I’ve been using my walks to re-familiarize myself with it and it’s so GOOD. I seriously cannot wait for this show (I have to until December.)

Music is such a bonding point for Chris and I. One of our favorite activities is to go to 15 dollar punk shows and scream the lyrics until we’re hoarse.

I was in the middle of rocking out when a napkin tumbled across the sidewalk and got stuck on my leg. I actually had to stop walking and remove it. It was really gross but in other good news, the city smelled like incense instead of pea this morning! A Christmas in July miracle.

For a portion of my walk today I was carrying around five, that’s right, five laptops! I choose to believe that this means I don’t need to workout today.

At one point I was struggling to pick up my laptop filled backpack, and an older English gentlman asks;

“what do you have in there rocks?!”
“Actually five laptops.”
To which he quipped “one for each finger, eh?”

It was the most British thing and I loved it.

All in all, it was a great Thursday that ended on my company’s roof!