The streets were surprisingly empty this morning, and I had to wonder why weren’t people going to work and could I join them. I love window shopping at all the fancy ass stores I walk by. Not that I could ever really shop there. No price tag on the merchandise is normally a big sign that I can’t afford whatever it is they’re selling!

I saw a car get pulled over today! Sorry bout your bad luck buddy…I would be so embarrassed to have everyone witness my shame. Also, something must have been in that air because pedestrians were being major assholes today. I saw two separate occasions where someone almost got hit because they ran in front of a car when it wasn’t their turn! I mean there are rules for a reason people!!

The neighborhood I work in is covered by tall buildings and is often shady and cool, but on my walk today, I noticed wonderful pockets of sun that people were congregating around. They seemed to be full of people eating lunch and  pigeons hoping to do the same. I love discovering new lunch spots to visit!

Walked down to the water and Ferry Building today. Built in 1896, it remains impressive to this day. Somehow managing to survive both the 1908 and the 1989 earthquake, it’s a popular tourist destination and marketplace today.

While walking around, I decided to take out my headphones and enjoy the sounds of the pier. The back of the building opens up to the gorgeous views of the bay. I don’t know what it is about the ocean, maybe because I didn’t grow up near one, but it always fills me with awe.  The sounds of the waves, the endless blue depths, seagulls (I’m obsessed with those little trolls of the sky), the fishermen who I don’t think legally can be but are fishing right off the pier….I just love all of it .

The ocean seems calms me, something I appreciate during this anxiety ridden time of my life. The one thing I don’t think I’ll ever get used to is the smell. All oceans kinda just smell like dead rotting fish. They also freak me out a little bit (RIP TIDES THO), but I’ll always at least wade a little!

bay bridge.png