Today was the perfect Sunday!

Most of my day was spent strolling on the beach and laughing with my friends. Having a job has brought back the joy of weekends again. It’s weird how much more those two days mean to you when you’re working a 9-5. It’s nice in a strange/I never wanted to work again kind of way.

When walking on the beach the biggest gamble is how hot the sand is going to be. Sometimes it’s so hot you think your feet are melting & you might vomit. Other times, it’s not so bad. Morgan taught us the trick of burying your feet when it gets too much to handle!

Today my friend Abbie described walking in the sand perfectly. She said “walking 20 minutes in the sand is like an hour on the sidewalk.” I took that to heart and allowed myself to only walk forty minutes instead of the full hour. She’s a smart gal, so if she says it’s okay…..then I believe it!

Plus, walking uphill in sand (something we did repeatedly) could be the worst. Like for real.

It’s never that hot in San Francisco but this weekend was an anomaly. When it’s actually hot here, the pockets of shade that are normally avoided become serious sanctuaries for us pale folks. I may have doubled my freckle count at the beach today.

I’ll never know what is it about lying around in the sun all day that wears one out. After not moving much I was ready to visit Westerns and ignore my walk. Setting my pace to what I imagined a dragon would look like out on a stroll, I enjoyed the last of the setting sun and thought about Game of Thrones theories for the rest of the hour.

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! WINTER IS COMING!!

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