Today I noticed that walking through a massive crowd from a bus letting out is a bit like walking through a zombie herd. I just want to groan “brainnnns” and shuffle my way out it. Why are tourists so slow?!

This morning was very bright and I wore my glasses. A blinding mistake! No sunglasses can be rough here. The sun reflects off the tall buildings and it’s intense. I pretty much just have to look down the entire time, which at least means that I avoid the poop!

Highlight of my walk was definitely when I saw a tech bro checking himself out in the glass windows. Don’t get me wrong, I use the window reflections as my own personal catwalk every morning, but never before have I rubbed my stomach while doing it. I’ve definitely never blown myself a kiss while doing it either! It was an amazing thing to witness. Although, while laughing & writing about this instance, I did trip and almost fall. Karma got me in the end! You do you tech bro- I won’t judge (except maybe a little).

The most embarrassing thing of my walks happened today. Even worse than my boob popping out. I heard one my favorite sad songs and to my mortification, I was brought to tears right there on the sidewalk!

Many don’t know this, but Chris and I almost had to break up our first year of dating when he got offered a job in NYC. As we’re getting married in 6 weeks obviously things changed, but this song is one we listened to while going through that. Plus, it was the last song ever played by BTMI (our favorite band) when they broke up. It’s a beautiful, sad song and it hit me in a way I didn’t expect.

After crying on the streets, I decided the best way to end this walk would be with a mani/pedi. #treatyoself

I thought my walk would end there, but Chris & I decided to walk and grab a beer/play some pool. One day I’ll kick his ass at pool…..I know it. If you know one thing about Chris, let it be that he is insanely good at almost any game (verdict is still out on football). It has become a life goal of mine to stomp him any chance I get and that was my Monday!!

I didn’t win….