It was gloomy and foggy out today, which I actually enjoyed. It makes me feel like I live in Gotham, and I’m always tempted to look towards the sky for the bat signal. The downside is that the sidewalks become slippery. I have a reputation for falling when there’s nothing around, and pretty much always falling when the sidewalk is wet.

One time I was walking with my friend Abbie and fell on literally nothing. I went down pretty hard and a homeless man behind us shouted “WATCH IT! Sometimes that sidewalk will get ya!” Burned by Gandalf.

Today I saw a grandfather stop at an entranceway on the street, and give his granddaughter a history lesson. It was adorable and made my whole day! If one wants to see history in SF, look at the elaborate entrances to buildings. Most still have the original moldings and are works of art in their own right.

Speaking of historical things in SF, one of the best is the cable cars. A moving museum, the San Francisco cable cars were the first built and the last to survive. I love hearing their ringing bells and seeing people cling to the rails as they rumble by. I can easily picture women in corsets with long skirts and men in full suits and bowler hats climbing on and off them. I walked by one turning around on California & Van Ness today, and it was really neat to watch. There used to be 23 lines of cable cars, but now only three remain.

I walked by Alma again and said hello. I actually snapped a picture this time, if anyone is curious about what her sculpture in Union Square looks like.

My treat yourself theme continued and I got a massage today! My masseuse said it was rare for someone my age to be this knotted, which made me feel justified for splurging. I feel like I walked in a grandma and walked out 27!

Other than being caught playing air guitar at a red light (They clapped. I blushed.), the rest of my walk and Tuesday was mostly uneventful. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 5.30.30 PM.png
Alma Spreckels : The Great-Grandmother of San Francisco