Today I saw my first famous person on my walks! I don’t know who the heck he was, but he was giving out autographs. Considering how much celebrity gossip I read, it’s safe to say he was probably an athlete.

I also happened to see another person get pulled over in the same spot as last time! The cop stopped and got out right in the middle of the crosswalk. He definitely could have pulled forward, and we were forced to walk in the street, but whatcha gonna do?

I noticed that my headphones say battery “median” instead of medium, and it made giggle to myself. I love robot speech impediments.

A cool discovery on this walk was a bronze fountain. I instantly noticed it, especially since the wind blows the water from the fountain and it splashes everyone on the sidewalk. I didn’t plan on a sidewalk shower but I got one! It was really funny to watch people walk by and unexpectedly get sprayed.

Anyways, this fountain is very unique. Commissioned in 1970, the “Ruth Asawa San Francisco Fountain” consists of 41 bronzed plaques depicting San Francisco landmarks. It’s very whimsical and includes creative touches such as Superman flying through the city, Snoopy, and even the characters of the ‘Wizard of Oz’. According to a plaque near the fountain, Ruth solicited the help of visitors and over 100 children to create the sculptures.

It was an amazing find that I just stumbled upon, like so many other subjects of my walks. If one is paying attention to the world around them, something which is increasingly hard to do in our culture, it truly is rewarding.

I also noticed that a new place called “The Color Factory” is opening near my apartment. The building is painted in brightly colored stripes and I’m so intrigued!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 7.45.35 PM.png
You can see the wind blowing the fountain water on that family haha

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 7.45.05 PM.png
Some small detail of the fountain