Wowee! Day 29 and I’m only an hour away from missing my deadline! This bitch must be drunk….jkjk but for real I am drunk tho…

Today I did my walk during lunch, but I went out with my coworkers for happy hour and haven’t had time to post. It’s so nice to be a part of the Friday crowd again. Even if it is full of bros.

Anyways, today my lunch walk was perfect. There was a random stage set up with a band playing for people eating lunch, and they weren’t bad. I love how the city does things like that for the community and the artists!

An annoyance of my walk today was surprisingly how much weight I’ve lost. I’m a few pounds away from my goal of 20 and my pants kept falling down! It’s rewarding but also very annoying when walking for an hour.

I saw a very old, balding man on a one wheeled boost-it board aka death machines, and I’m convinced it was the most San Francisco thing I’ve ever seen. He zipped by me and a crowd of pedestrians, and I didn’t feel anything but awe.

I had a headache today and decided to head to the water for some soothing sights. The sun was actually so bright reflecting off the water that I couldn’t even look at it! In my teary blinded stumble (no sunglasses) I came across the Cupid’s Span. I’ve seen it multiple times but have never looked into why it’s there.

Built in 2002, the artists claim “Love’s trade-mark weapon naturally evokes the city’s permissive and romantic reputation, while formally its taut curve resonates wonderfully with the structure of the famous suspension bridge in the background.”

I found myself agreeing with them and in awe of the scenery surrounding the impressive sculpture.